The Book and The Bean

The Perfect Blend of your love of reading and your love of coffee.  The Book Nook Store has teamed up with a local coffee roaster to bring you an exciting new addition to our family. 

FLAMJEAUX COFFEE COMPANY is a small batch coffee roaster. Fresh roasted coffee will change your life!
Each batch of Flamjeaux coffee begins with carefully selected green coffee beans and then manually roasted in small batches.

The end result is the freshest coffee on which you can spend your hard earned money.

Colombia is the second largest coffee producer in the world and largest producer of Arabica washed coffee. Coffee from Tolima is mountain grown in volcanic soils high in the Andes mountains in West Central Colombia with an altitude of 5,250 - 6,500 feet. Excelso refers to bean size which is slightly smaller than a Supremo (largest).

Flavor notes: Medium body, rich acidity, citrus flavor with a clean and sweet aftertaste. You can't go wrong with this coffee.

This coffee does very well at Medium-Dark, Dark and French roasts. This is Dark Roast.

Roasted in Mandeville, Louisiana

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  • Red Owl Learns Jesus Loves Me Hardcover – by Elizabeth Hilby
    Red Owl Learns Jesus Loves Me Hardcover – by Elizabeth Hilby

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