People ask us all the time how we came up with a wild idea like ‘portable cocktail mixes’. The answer… Leisuremann’s began out of necessity.

Born in the foothills of the Appalachians but raised in the deep South, Leisuremann's mixes are unpretentious and straight to the point. Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives our mixes harness the true essence of a cocktail in a portable, travel-friendly, dry form. From rocking out at your favorite festival to hiking in the foothill of the Rockies, a cocktail is never too far out of reach.

This straight to the point mindset has allowed us to focus only on classic cocktails, creating true to form mixes that not only replicate the recipes of yesteryear but bring those favorites to your next adventure.

Give us a try and we promise we will make a cocktail adventurer out of you.

Explore. Discover. Cocktail.



Nectar of the Vine co-founder Dennis Hart first became involved in the food business back in 1992. After many years in the food industry, he and partner (now wife), Carol Nastasi, started Nectar of the Vine in 2005 because of their entrepreneurial spirits, energy, and their tastes for fine foods. They wanted to provide a fun, new way for people to enjoy wine. Moving towards retirement, they passed the baton over to Carol's son, Anthony Nastasi.

Our company is stationed in Burton, Ohio but our entire line of signature Wine Frappés and other gourmet products can be found at events across the country. We have built a wonderful client base at these events and look forward to returning year after year to introduce new flavors. 



About molly&you®
molly&you® began in small-town Iowa with 100 bags of homemade beer bread mix at a craft show. Today, we’re in thousands of retail stores around the country, BUT we’re still inspired by the small-town values and work ethic that started us on this amazing journey. Molly Wilson grew up in a small Midwest community brimming with church potlucks, neighborhood gatherings, and family game nights. She’s been entertaining her entire life, just like her mother and grandmother did. As most Midwesterners do, Molly enjoyed the county fair — and that is where an amazing beer bread was discovered. Realizing it was fun, and simple, with an incredible taste, she set out to bring the best beer bread mix to consumers across the United States. A brand was born. We do not allow our retailers to sell our products on third party platforms including, but not limited to: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc. We welcome social sellers on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and also our retailers’ direct websites.